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Gaining electromagnetic compliance (EMC) and RF certification marks a critical step in your design process. But EMC and wireless testing isn’t just a check-the-box task at the end of a long project list.

To shape a product concept into a market-leading winner for your company, you must plan for EMC and wireless compliance from the very start of your design, which is precisely what we help you accomplish. 

At Laird, our test engineers work with you before, during and after EMC and wireless radio testing. We help troubleshoot and advise every step of the way. With a dedicated focus on wireless testing, we bring expertise to your project through a deep understanding of the various certification standards required for market entry across the globe.

Because Laird manufactures RF solutions, our engineers understand the nuances of product development to ensure your products achieve compliance.

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Semi Anechoic Chamber


Laird is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited and specializes in Intentional Radiation Testing required for certification of wireless or RF products. We perform testing for Product and Modular Certifications based on requirements for the FCC, ISED, European Union, Australia / New Zealand and Japan.

For customers who require global certifications, Laird provides additional international testing services to complete the required testing and certification.

If you need assistance with compliance testing for non-wireless products, we also offer expertise in General Emissions Testing and Immunity/Susceptibility Testing to various EMC requirements worldwide.

Using 30 years of experience, Laird can help provide troubleshooting and failure analysis if issues arise during the compliance phase of your project.

Compliance Map


Laird has invested in the necessary facilities and equipment to proactively address the rapidly changing compliance requirements for wireless products. This means Laird's test engineers can execute your product's test plan efficiently, accurately and holistically.

Semi Anechoic Chamber – Chamber 2

Strategically designed to accommodate a wide variety of product sizes. Dedicated HVAC, fresh air inlets, and exhaust outlets. Equipped with a forklift-accessible 10ft x 10ft door opening, steel reinforced floor, and 6000-lbs. capacity 3-meter turntable.  

Semi Anechoic Chamber 2
Semi0-Anechoic Chamber – Chamber 2

HR video feed with optical isolation and projector for easy troubleshooting. State-of-the-art EMC Absorber Technology provided by DMAS. Automated test software with additional monitoring features for incident reaction.  

Semi-Anechoic Chamber 2(2)
Flexible Laboratory Space 

Benches, test stations, and equipment are mobile, allowing the workspace to adapt to your product, rather than the product having to conform to the space. Flexible laboratory strategy can reduce test setup time, and provide greater consistency in test configurations. Equipped with both horizontal and vertical ground planes. 

Flexible Laboratory Space
EMC Transient Testing

Capacities include:

Electrically Fast Transient Immunity

Lightning Surge 

Electrostatic Discharge

Magnetic Field Immunity

Radiated/Conducted Disturbances

and Voltage Fluctuations/Short Interrupts

EMC Transient Testing
Additional Information

ISO 17025 Accredited Wireless and EMC Test Laboratory. Laboratory operates on multiple shifts allowing faster turnaround or expedited schedule. Team of EMC engineers can provide regulation expertise, assist with test plan generation, and mitigate failures. 

General Information
Shielded Control Room

Shielded environment providing isolation for instrumentation. Fiber optically isolated internet and video feeds into test environments. Auxiliary shielded environment for connected equipment not under test.

Shielded Controls Rooms
Semi-Anechoic Chamber – Chamber 1

Video monitoring software capable of incident reaction (pause, capture, alarm, etc.). Fresh air inlet and exhaust outlet system. Updated absorber arrangement for contemporary requirements. Equipped with 7ft x 8ft door opening and 2000-lb. capacity 2-meter turntable.

Semi-Anechoic Chamber 1

News: AIM Standard 7351731

For the last several years, the FDA had taken steps to study RFID and its potential effects on medical devices, which included working with the Association for Automatic Identification and Mobility (AIM) to develop a way to test medical devices for their vulnerability to EMI from RFID systems.

In December 2016, the FDA recognized AIM Standard 7351731 – a medical electrical equipment and system electromagnetic immunity test for exposure to radio frequency identification readers as a consensus standard. This recognitation identified the standard as a requisite test for all electrical medical devices with RFID, except for active implanted and in-vitro diagnostic devices. The FDA also identified the standard as a mandatory component of 510K approvals.

Laird is proud to announce that we have engineered and validated a test system uniquely capable of providing susceptibility testing compliant to AIM Standard 7351731 for medical device clients who seek 510k approval from the FDA.  Our ability to rapidly adapt to new industry requirements and engineer creative solutions sets Laird apart as a leader in test services and meeting customer needs.

3D Antenna Chamber

Laird also specializes in on-site antenna patterning with a new Automated 3D Antenna Measurement System. This dedicated antenna test chamber uses mechanical automation and powerful software to accurately and efficiently perform three-dimensional scanning. This system quickly and efficiently collects spherical antenna pattern data, then generates antenna plots and performance summaries that provide detailed insight into the performance of a product’s antenna design.

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Automated Antenna Measurement System
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Test for Success

An Engineer's Guide to FCC Pre-Scans

FCC certification is a critical step in every product launch, but achieving it isn’t always straightforward. Successfully navigating the landscape of FCC certification for RF products is critical to getting to market quickly and FCC pre-scans are a great way to reduce the risk of failing.

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FCC Pre-Scans

Webinar: Designing for Success: An Engineer’s Guide to Practical FCC Compliance Pre-Scans

In this presentation, EMC design experts from LSR (a Laird Business) will discuss the benefits of using ‘pre-scans’ to minimize the risk of failing FCC certification. Our engineers will walk through a number of practical tips and best practices to use for your next FCC pre-scan.

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