If you're looking for simple and secure connectivity, Bluetooth 5 has a lot to offer. Optimized specifically to increase functionality for the Internet of Things (IoT), Bluetooth 5 provides up to 4x the range, 2x the speed, 8x the broadcasting message capacity, and improved interoperability and coexistence with other technologies. Advance your Bluetooth development and interact with connected devices faster and smarter with Laird Connectivity's broad range of Bluetooth 5 offerings. 

Smarter Bluetooth 5

Brought to you by Laird Connectivity and Nordic Semiconductor


Nordic Family

Value Added Services

  • Free Personalized FAE Support
  • Custom Antenna Design
  • Free Antenna Scans with Schematic Reviews
  • Product Customization and Design Services
  • Antenna Selection Placement Support
  • EMC Product Certifications: FCC, CE, IC, Gitecki, etc.

Go Further and Faster with Bluetooth 5 from Laird Connectivity

With more than fifteen years of experience in the development and production of Bluetooth wireless solutions and longstanding partnership with Nordic Semiconductor, we are the ideal technology partner to help simplify your next BLE 5 design. With a broad range of modules, adapters, development kits and embedded antennas as well as design expertise, our customers leverage the benefits of Bluetooth 5 functionality and speed their time to market.

Nordic Family
LE Coded Robust, reliable connections indoors and outdoors 4 x Range Whole house/building coverage/outdoor e.g. Nordic Semi tests drone connectivity to 750m outdoor range
2 MPHY Faster data transfer, reduced TX/RX time 2 x Speed Lower latency, increased performance & faster data transfer for critical data e.g. swifter FW updates, download of logged sensor data
Advertising Extension (AE) More data capacity in Connectionless Services 8 x Increase broadcast message capacity Beacons & location/tracking services can be improved for greater data & information e.g. enhanced user experiences in facility tours